Since the foundation of GenExpress in the year 1997 we were able to accept almost 700 orders and conclude them to the full satisfaction of the customers with only two exceptions. The range of orders reached from extensive works regarding genome characterization (genome walking) to the analysis of antibody expression libraries, the construction of knock-out vectors, the cloning of a multitude of different genes from many different organisms, the production of positive controls for real-time PCR to mutation analyses and sequencings. We were able to perform recombinant production of a large number of proteins, mostly of human or viral origin. This way we created not only a considerable collection of vectors and constructs but most of all a wealth of experience for our staff. Based on these experiences we are able to asses new orders well and to provide them with a realistic price calculation.



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In November 2017 GenExpress successfully passed the recertification audit in compliance with ISO 9001:2015.


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GenExpress is celebration its 20th anniversary at the historic "Malzfabrik Berlin"


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In December 2010 GenExpress successfully passed the recertification audit in compliance with ISO 9001:2008. The new certificates are available for download.


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